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A Revolutionary and Unique
Digital Marketing Approach
Using Advanced Technology.

People all around your area are looking for your services…
Let’s make sure they know about you.

Join A Guaranteed Marketing System.

If you are like most companies who have done marketing in the past to gain leads, chances are you have paid to reach out to thousands of people within your area, Just to hear back from the 3%-5% who are actually interested in your services. But, what if there was a way to get in front of those 3-5% right from the start?
Well, now you can.
That was not possible until now. With our proprietary software, AI Marketing Pros has the ability to identify by name everyone who is preparing to get your services in your area right now. These are people that are looking to hire, they just have not yet decided who it is going to be from. This is a revolutionary marketing technique that you will not find anywhere else.

Industries With GUARANTEED Leads.

Due to the continuous success with these clients, we now feature Guaranteed Leads for the following industries. 


Minimum Guarantee

Cost Per Lead: $15 - $35
Avg.Client Conversion Rate: 5% - 10%
Avg. Cost Per Client: $200 - $550
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Additional Services

At Ai Marketing Pros, we offer a variety of different services to help grow your business. 

Looking for a specific type of marketing for your business? We got you covered. Any of these services are always available at Ai Marketing Pros.

Web Design

Let us build you a professional website created to successfully maximize your business. Already have a website but are not happy with it? We can work with you and restore/rebuild your current website until you are satisfied beyond your expectations.

Google Adwords

AI Marketing Pros is highly skilled and confident in our Google Ads campaigns. In fact, we GUARANTEE to get you phone calls to your business with our Google Ads Campaign. You just sit back and collect your leads!

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is a great way to inform a large audience of your company. Promote a new product/service, tell a story, share company news, remind your audience about your company, offer special promotions and discounts, and much more.

Social Media Management

Are you having trouble getting a decent following on any of the leading Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, etc? We can manage your business page for any or all of the popular Social Media sites and gain you reliable followers that will be keeping up on your business as we improve your page.

Social Media Advertising

Advertise your business with Social Media Ads. With Social Media Advertising, we are able to target your preferred audience by selecting users with specific interests and characteristics, making it one of the most effective advertising platforms available today.

& More...

Whether it be SEO, Graphic Design, Print Marketing (such as The Presidential Magazine), we can make it happen. We are fully staffed with a media and graphic design team that is ready to get you the results your looking for. Give us a call today and see what we can do for your business.

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